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Romanian organic honey available on the shelves of European shops


The Romanian honey brand HONEYMAN and Raben Logistics Romania, manage to get traditionally produced honey to the tables of European consumers in just a few days.

HONEYMAN is a Romanian company dedicated to harvesting honey using traditional methods and offering it to consumers. The aim is to provide 100% natural honey that preserves the nutrients and the authentic aroma. The Romanian manufacturer's main market is Europe, which appreciates the value of this product. The honey provided by HONEYMAN is skillfully crafted in small batches, maintaining the Premium quality of the product. Equally, the Romanian honey maker is passionate about offering the best packaging, allowing for good preservation and presentation. Each jar is carefully chosen, after a process of analyzing the ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics.

We want to give our nature-loving customers a great experience, turning tasting every spoonful of honey into a delightful moment. We found at Raben the support we needed to accompany our Premium products with an equally Premium transport service. Raben delivers quickly and safely, all our external shipments. says Marian Teleoacă, General Manager - HONEYMAN.

Romanian honey reaches Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden very rapidly, using Raben own network and Raben’s Eurohub in Rokycany (Czech Republic). Romania is connected daily with the countries of Central and Western Europe, either through the direct connections it operates, or using the Eurohub in the Czech Republic, through the direct connections from Cluj, Sibiu, Oradea and Timișoara. This achieves a three-day transit time to Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and even better to other neighboring countries.

We understand the needs of our customers in Romania for cargo export services and strive to provide high value through the quality, transit time and competitive prices we offer. This is also the reason why we have developed a department dedicated to the export service, which monitors each individual shipment of goods and ensures that it reaches the recipient as scheduled – says Cătălina Zamfir, International Road Network Manager at Raben Logistics Romania.

Raben Logistics Romania currently manages a network of 9 own depots in Romania and operates 13 daily direct international connections, through which the goods arrive very rapidly in 41 European destinations belonging to the Raben Group. Careful monitoring of all shipments leaving for export generates a very high quality of the services offered, complemented by a complex range of useful additional services.


Catalin Costache

Marketing and PR Specialist

Raben Romania