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Raben Ukraine celebrated it's 17th anniversary


At the end of August, Raben Ukraine celebrated the 17th anniversary of its presence on the Ukrainian market. In Ukraine the company has about 70,000 m2 of warehouse space in use. There are 600 trucks in the fleet. The team consists of about 500 high-class employees. 

In 2020, as well as in previous years, the team of Raben Ukraine takes an active part in all spheres of life: from business to social initiatives.

“This year the whole world faced a serious challenge and, of course, Raben Ukraine as an important part of the global transportation chain was not an exception. We had to accomplish new and unplanned tasks in a matter of days. There were a lot of questions arising, but I can say with confidence that Raben Ukraine, Raben Group, responds to the changes and takes timely measures to support the service at a high level,” – comments Inna Ocheretna, CEO of Raben Ukraine.                                              

Given today’s needs, Raben Ukraine continues to develop optimal solutions with the participation of its customers, thus expanding the customer portfolio.

The company is actively working on digital projects. Everything is possible thanks to the coordinated work of the team, close interaction with customers and rapid exchange of information.

At the end of March, Raben Ukraine together with the provider of electronic document circulation EDIN executed delivery using an electronic consignment note. The operation was completed with a positive review from Ukrtrans Security Inspector.

In July, Raben Ukraine has fully automated the process of transmitting information to courier services by introducing a software product – Last Mile Connector – an innovative solution for warehousing infrastructure. Last Mile Connector became part of the integration project between Warehouse Management System (WMS) of Raben Ukraine and a similar system of one of the key clients. Prior to the introduction of Last Mile Connector, all shipments of goods from Raben Ukraine through courier services were registered manually on the relevant web portals. Every day, the company’s specialists made 800-1100 records of shipments. After the implementation of the Last Mile Connector solution, information about all operations displayed in the WMS of the company are automatically entered into the courier service systems with which integration is established.

“The cohesion of our team, close contact with customers and instant exchange of information help to move forward. People with Drive it is about us! It is the Drive that motivates us, gives us energy and brings us pleasure. Our team is represented by people united by a common goal. We like to feel the 'fresh wind in the face' and improve,” – adds Inna Ocheretna, CEO of Raben Ukraine.

Despite the objective circumstances, the company’s team also manages to be active in the field of corporate social responsibility.

On March 11, 2020, Raben Ukraine together with partners sent the first truck with 20 tons of batteries for recycling to the GreenWEEE processing plant that is located in Romania as part of the “Batteries, Hand in!” project. Before none of the collected batteries has been recycled as there is no recycling plant in Ukraine. At the end of March, the used batteries collected by Raben Ukraine team have already been recycled. This will allow to preserve 1600 hectares of land (about 2000 football fields) from the irreversible pollution.

Cooperation with the project “Batteries, Hand in!” continues. In the first half of July, another batch of the used batteries was sent for recycling.

On April 9, 2020, representatives of the Beremytske Nature Park in Chernihiv region planted 300 trees for Raben Ukraine. Due to the epidemological threat, the volunteers of Raben Ukraine and their families, unfortunately, were not able to participate in the action. The help was offered and provided by the Beremytske Nature Park. Tree planting was carried out with strict observance of all safety measures by the park staff, including the recommended by the Ministry of Health distance between them. This is an initiative carried out as part of the e-invoice = higher culture campaign promoting electronic invoices.

This time within the initiative 300 lindens have been planted. This is the number of clients/subcontractors who have joined e-invoice = higher culture program in 2019. One seedling was planted for each customer/subcontractor who abandoned paper bills in favour of electronic ones. Among other things, it is expected that during their lifecycle the trees will neutralize 210 tonnes of CO2.

On May 31, 2020, the team of Raben Ukraine once again joined the charity project «Run under chestnuts», or rather its alternative – run online. This year, the participants ran staying at home. Only a certain team of ambassadors along the streets of Kyiv, covering a distance of 5 km. They ran for each participant of the run. Charitable contributions will be used to help Ukrainian doctors and medical institutions: the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as well as institutions informed by the Ministry of Health. 3787 philanthropists took part in the event. According to the results of the “run”, more than UAH 375 thou were collected.

Starting from June, Raben Ukraine, together with Domiki International Charitable Foundation and the Food Bank of Ukraine, has been delivering food products to hospitals in Kyiv.

Raben Ukraine team has also been caring for special children from the Udaitsi Training and Rehabilitation Center in Chernihiv region for many years. On a regular basis, the children of the institution receive all the necessary school supplies.

Raben Ukraine has been working on the logistics market since 2003. It offers a full range of logistic services for contract logistics, international and domestic transportation as well as sea and air freight services. The company has about 500 employees. It also has about 70 000m² of warehouse space (including regions) and about 600 vehicles at own disposal.