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Raben Ukraine and EDIN exercised shipment with e-consignment note


At the end of March Raben Ukraine together with the provider of electronic document circulation EDIN executed delivery using an electronic consignment note. The operation was completed with a positive review from Ukrtrans Security Inspector.

“We cooperate with more than 2000 counterparties in Ukraine. On average, we carry out 1300 shipments every day and exchange about 23,000 documents. It is of utmost importance for us to keep track of the delivery processes, to maintain the correctness of the documentation and its archiving. Currently, our employees need to spend 180 business hours a day to process paper data. In the context of delivery of groupage cargo, where more than two drivers are involved in the execution of one order, there are difficulties with the timely receipt of documents from the consignee and sending them to clients. Raben Ukraine is actively implementing innovative solutions that simplify business processes”, — commented Olena Lozynska, Coordinator of the electronic document management project, Raben Ukraine.

The first and foremost task of logistics companies is to manage timely and uninterrupted transportation. In case of large number of shipments, it becomes more difficult to control the delivery process: the number of drivers and the volume of transportation increases and, as a result, the flow of documentation grows too. If in addition the company specializes in delivery of groupage cargo – delivery of goods to different clients by means of their consolidation, taking into account different directions, recipients, commodity neighborhood and temperature regimes — then the issue of document optimization becomes especially relevant.

The initiative will definitely facilitate the processes of document circulation. The company will be able to significantly reduce the time of processing documents and shorten the deadline for delivery, decrease the cost of storing documents, purchase of input materials and exchange of documents by 35%, eliminate complete loss of information, ensure transparency and controllability of the exchange process. In this case, all participants in the process — carrier, sender and consignee — will save time.

“EDIN’s ETTN service guarantees a coherent cooperation: from order to tax invoice, integration with EDI, complete electronic supply chain. Driver, sender, consignee all of them are able to get 24/7 technical support on any issues if they are connected to the internet. To avoid long-term implementation, simple integration with the accounting system allows to work in a familiar interface and optimize the work with documents”, — adds Euhenii Trombola, Director of the Department of implementation of innovative solutions, EDIN.