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RABEN TRUCK SIMULATOR in the eyes of Master Driver - Robert Jablonski


Where can we find effective and innovative training tools for drivers? How do we develop their emergency response skills, hone the habits needed for eco-driving or properly onboard new staff without experience? Raben Group has found the perfect solution – the VR Truck Simulator. 

The Truck Simulator is Raben's latest brainchild and the first mobile truck driving simulator. It is an advanced device designed to bring the driver as close as possible to the conditions and factors which have an impact on driving a truck.

With this solution we can: 

  1. Train inexperienced drivers and teach them good habits when performing their tasks as well as how to operate equipment correctly and how to drive economically.
  2. Improve the skills of drivers with experience, especially as today it is a good idea to develop continuously and learn new systems and technologies.
  3. Test different truck driving techniques of individual drivers in controlled, safe conditions and, most importantly, without damaging the fleet.

The software in our truck simulator takes into account the diversity of the terrain; there are hills, roundabouts, junctions or traffic lights. The route can be covered over short distances so the training is not tiring. The device allows you to get to know different types of roads, from high-speed motorways to national roads, to driving between big city buildings, to roadside car parks or to distribution centres where you can practice driving up to loading ramps.

The Truck Simulator has been developed inside a container so it can be transported anywhere. Inside, there is a platform that simulates a real driving experience with special actuators responsible for tilting the construction. The original fully adjustable seat from a truck offers the possibility to set a comfortable, individual position for each person behind the wheel, which, incidentally, is also imported straight from a real truck. 

During training, we have the opportunity to match the driving difficulty to the driver's skills, both in terms of traffic and weather. Two types of display of the surrounding world are available. You can use VR goggles which allow you to look around and orient yourself in the truck and on the road in a virtual space. If the trainee does not feel comfortable with the goggles, it is possible to use three built-in screens which are set up to give a spatial vision effect as close to reality as possible.


Robert Jablonski

Transport Senior Specialist, Master Driver

Raben Transport