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Raben Logistics Romania - Baia Mare and Roman - 6 national warehouses


Raben Logistics Romania has opened two new depots. On April 1th, 2020, new warehouse in Baia Mare, Maramureș County has started its logistic activity and at the beginning of this year new location in the Roman locality from Neamț county was opend. Currently, the national distribution network has 6 locations in Romania and a total space of 10,000 square meters which it uses as a cross-docking space.

The opening of the warehouses in Baia Mare and Roman helps us to improve the collection and delivery times of the goods both in the area of Moldova and in the area of Oaș. By increasing the number of warehouses, we increase the quality of transport offered to our customers and help them to strengthen their trade relations. It is our way of thanking them and supporting them to grow. We strive to offer them the benefit of a reliable service so that they focus on developing their business. Our support is appreciated by customers, who are our partners along the way, and in the context of the latest socio-economic changes due to coronavirus, the presence of a strong partner is all the more appreciated, as we take responsibility for the continuity of our partners' business. We want to become leaders on the Romanian market and we do not deviate from this goal.” - Valentin Storoj, Managing Director of Raben Logistics Romania.

The new modern warehouse in Baia Mare is located on Str. Ariesului no 34. The total area is 500 m.p. The warehouse is designed as a space for transshipment of goods and serves the counties of Maramureș and Satu Mare, with a fleet of up to 10 cars. The new warehouse is interconnected with the warehouses in Cluj and Sibiu on daily routes.

"We manage to collect in this way the orders placed on the same day for Raben customers from Satu Mare and Maramureș" - explains Marius Szabo, Branch Manager from Baia Mare.

By opening its warehouses in Baia Mare and Roman, the Raben Group increases its collection and delivery capacity nationwide. The transport of goods in international traffic are also optimized in this way. Two new warehouses opened in the last 4 months reflect the policy that the Raben Group has in all the countries in which it is present and its objective, that of becoming a strategic partner of companies in the local market. With a rapid growth, Raben begins to impose on the Romanian market a very high standard of transport. Investing in specialized shipment tracking programs such as ETA for example (estimating the time in which the delivery will be made, with an accuracy of 2 hours), lead to a significant increase in quality and implicitly bring cost optimization for the company's partners. Raben Logistics Romania plans to open another new warehouse still this year, in the Oltenia area.