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Raben Launches Picture Confirming Delivery

innovation in the COVID19 ERA

In the current reality, the feeling of safety has become particularly important. Consumers have significantly changed their habits and behaviours. Thinking about their safety, most of them chose to shop on the Internet. Raben Group is launching a new additional service for groupage shipments in order to keep the recommended distance between persons participating in the delivery and to ensure convenience and safety of the consignees. It consists in touch-free confirmation of delivery using a photo. The service has been available since May 4th. 

“The current market situation is undoubtedly quite a challenge, yet we are still ready to handle shipments and meet the current needs of our customers and consignees. Therefore, now, in the era of coronavirus threat, we are not wasting time and we are launching a new solution. With additional safety measures in mind, we have introduced the Picture Confirming Deliveryservice (PCD for short), which makes it possible to deliver shipments touch-free, practically without the participation of the consignee.” - says Kate Jaeger, Sales Director of Raben Group.

How does the delivery process with PCD work?

The delivery process with PCD is very simple. It is enough for the customer to enter an order into the myOrder system (on the myRaben.com platform) in which they indicate their wish to use the free additional PCD service. Then the driver, while making the delivery, leaves the goods in the place indicated by the consignee and takes 3 photos: of the label, of the shipment and of the shipment with the label. In this way, he conveniently confirms the delivery without the need for the consignee to sign for it, so it is possible to keep an appropriate distance between the driver and the consignee. The photos are automatically saved on the driver's mobile device and processed into a delivery note. The document also records the registration number of the truck, date, time, and geographical coordinates of the place where the photos were taken.

This innovative solution guarantees that the photos were taken at a given place and time. The customer can immediately see the proof of delivery on the myRaben platform in the myTrack&Trace module.

Naturally, the consignee can always choose the traditional method of delivery conformation, i.e. sign on the driver's mobile device or the transport document. Raben is flexible in this regard.

Benefits for the customer and the consignee

The PCD was created to make deliveries safer and convenient. The new service is intended to facilitate the process of delivery, also in case the consignee does not want to or cannot confirm the delivery with a signature and the shipment can be left in a place indicated by them. This solution enables a completely touch-free delivery, without unnecessary contact and interaction between the consignee and the driver. No unnecessary signatures and stamps are required. With the introduction of the PCD, remote collection is possible even while being quarantined. Picture Confirmed Delivery, thanks to the automatic registration of data not only about the appearance of the shipment, but also about the date, time and place of delivery, and even the registration number of the truck, gives greater certainty to the consignor and the consignee that the delivery has been completed there and then.

The new PCD service is available in Raben's portfolio for domestic and international groupage shipments in countries served by the Group. The service has been available since May 4, 2020 and free of charge.

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