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Győr is Raben's new strategic location in Hungary


Raben Trans European Hungary has moved to a new location in Győr. On 24th of April 2020, Raben's new Hungarian x-dock warehouse has started its operation in the centre of the Western Transdanubia region, with an area of 1.800 m2, 1.200 m2 of which is used for transhipment.

Due to its location and industry, Győr plays a particularly strategic role in both domestic and international forwarding. Therefore, it was justified to hand over a new depot here. I am pleased that thanks to this expansion, our customers will be able to receive an even more complex service, and we will be able to meet their growing needs even more optimally. I am especially proud of the fact that even in the difficult situation caused by the epidemic, our company was able to achieve such a volume of development.” - stated Máté Angyal, the director of the Győr site.

The new location has become the third transhipment point where the work is done in our own forwarding system, with our own tour organisers. In addition, 4.000 sqm are available in Dunaharaszti and 3.000 sqm in Debrecen to serve the needs of customers.

In the short time that has elapsed since the start of its operation, and owing to the well-prepared implementation process and the work of dedicated staff, Győr has managed to supply 70% of the quantities of goods arriving in Győr-Moson-Sopron County.

Raben also plans to have Győr supply the whole volume arriving to the area between Tatabánya, Pápa and Sopron. All his will mean a much more optimal, better quality and controlled service for customers, as the delivery takes place through our own network, at a depot operated by the company and in the internationally unified IT system used by all Raben companies.

The new building has a modern camera system and four gates. In a few months, in addition to the x-dock warehouse, the international service will also play a role in the facility - therefore it will become an integrated Győr office, which will be responsible for domestic and international forwarding.

Considering the above, Raben's strategic goal of providing a full range of services to its customers in the region of Western Hungary is being realised, as in addition to domestic forwarding, the x-dock warehouse is now available and will also connect this depot to its international collection network. Therefore, the arrival of import and export routes can also be realised in Győr from now on - thereby significantly reducing mileage, the environmental impact, and increasing optimum performance.