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Forest planted on behalf of Raben Group customers


In the last week of March, employees of the Wielkopolski National Park planted 1800 trees near Mosina near Poznań on behalf of Raben Group customers. This is an initiative carried out as part of the e-invoice = higher culture campaign promoting electronic invoices.

The action of planting trees by Raben in cooperation with the Aeris Futuro Foundation has been organized for the seventh time and it has become a permanent feature in the calendar of the Group's environmental activities. Unfortunately, this year, due to the epidemiological threat, Raben Group volunteers and their families were not able to directly join the action. Assistance was offered by employees of the Wielkopolski National Park who planted over 1800 trees, which will not only contribute to CO2 neutralisation, but will also support the local fauna by creating natural ecological corridors or nesting places for birds.

It is worth mentioning that the company has also sponsored 20 breeding baskets for ducks, which will be located in the Wielkopolski National Park.

“The current coronavirus crisis engages all of us and absorbs our attention. It is obvious that every company on the market is focused primarily on fighting the pandemic and ensuring business continuity. Nevertheless, in this fight we shouldn’t forget about another major crisis, which is the global climate change. If we don’t react, it could have disastrous consequences for the whole humanity. We must not allow the climate crisis to surprise us as much as the coronavirus pandemic did. If we stop looking after our planet, the environment will be more and more degraded with each passing year. Ultimately, this can lead to problems in obtaining sufficient quality of food and water, which are essential elements for us to live.” - comments Jakub Krzewina, CRS and Internal Communications Manager in Raben Group.

Planting trees is the culmination of the “e-invoice=higher culture” campaign which encourages Raben Group customers to use electronic flow of documents through planting trees on behalf of those customers who have decided to switch to the e-system.

The company has been planting trees since 2014. So far, a total of almost 16,000 saplings have been planted as part of the campaign. In its whole lifecycle one plant will neutralise 750 kg of carbon dioxide. The partner of the undertaking is the Aeris Futuro Foundation, whose mission is to counteract the global climate change and to promote responsible business.