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Celebrating a Thriving Three-Decade Journey: HIT OFFICE and Raben Forge a Strong Seven-Year Partnership

HIT OFFICE, situated in the charming town of Teplice in northern Bohemia, stands as a leading manufacturer in Europe for archiving supplies and paper packaging for food. Founded by Mr. and Mrs. Šťastný and their son in 1991, the company continues to experience impressive growth. With a customer base exclusively comprised of wholesalers, they serve 350 within the Czech Republic and expand further into vital markets like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other significant Western European countries.

At the premises of the recently reconstructed production plant in Proboštov near Teplice, HIT OFFICE proudly operates under full certification, complying with the rigorous international standards of ISO and BRC(G)s, all recognized by the esteemed Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This comprehensive program aims to harmonize international food safety standards, garnering invaluable support from leading global food manufacturers and sellers, including experts in food packaging. As we delve behind the scenes, we witness the creation of an array of ecological paper products, from trays, bowls, plates, and food boxes to paper cups, all thoughtfully crafted without a trace of plastic. Remarkably, HIT OFFICE's products also hold certifications from the renowned German laboratory, TÜV SÜD, for both household and industrial composting, prompting responsible disposal in the blue container. Our astonishment grows as we observe the impressive synergy between elaborate machines and minimal interventions by the operating staff, yielding a staggering 9 million paper cups each month! Bolstered by a diverse portfolio of over 1,100 items, including a substantial share of special custom production, the plant efficiently consumes up to 56 km of paper every week to meet the demands for their exceptional products.

You will find HIT OFFICE products in private European chain stores or in the European branches of world-famous fast-food restaurants. 50% of the produced plates, bowls and trays are exported. In 2021, the company introduced the HIT FOOD PACK: a symbol of ecological, recyclable and compostable products.

Raben as the First Choice

When the former logistic partner no longer met the demands of HIT OFFICE, the management embarked on a search for a new partner. Raben emerged as the prime candidate, thanks to strategically located depots, unwavering service integrity, guaranteed reliability, seamless communication, and the stability of a multi-national business. Commencing in July 2016, the cooperation swiftly unfolded.

“We entrust Raben with all our pallet shipments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, amounting to around 30 pallets daily. Raben Logistics Czech ensures timely and dependable delivery of goods to our valued customers, and they also run regular haulage services between our production plants,” shares Marek Šnajdr, the Marketing Manager of HIT OFFICE.

“Throughout our collaboration, Raben Logistics Czech has successfully delivered a remarkable 63,000 pallets for the HIT OFFICE by May 2023,” adds Marián Budzel, the Sales & Customer Relations Director CZ/SK at Raben Logistics Czech.

“We highly value Raben's flexibility, their aptitude for finding solutions to our diverse requirements, and their outstanding communication and accommodating approach,” Marek Šnajdr lauds the partnership.

Innovative Material

A significant portion of the paper product development, particularly those designed for food packaging, revolves around extensive research and development. The demands placed on the material properties go beyond expectations. For instance, HIT OFFICE ingeniously crafted paper trays featuring a fat barrier, ideal for preserving fatty and wet foods. Remarkably, they manufactured over half a billion paper trays, bowls, and plates at this very facility last year. Pioneers in material development, HIT OFFICE introduced the market's first-ever plastic-free paper cups, showcased at the Nuremberg fair, where they garnered immense interest. Crafted from 100% plastic-free and compostable cardboard, these cups effortlessly accommodate both cold and hot beverages, reaching temperatures up to 90°C.

Environmental Protection Is a Priority

The company places a strong emphasis on the protection of the environment and sustainability of suitable conditions for life. It is thus completely natural that the company exclusively purchases FSC® certified material *) that guarantees environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management, thus helping protect endangered and devastated forests all over the world.

The company manufactures 98% of ecological products without any plastic that can be fully recycled into new products after the end of their useful life, or that are fully compostable or energy recoverable. The production does not use any chemicals that would have a negative impact on the environment. Only electricity is required for the production.

Thanks to their photovoltaic power plans with the output of 210 kWp, HIT OFFICE has become CO2 neutral. Both plants of the company use photovoltaic equipment and the electricity produced is consumed directly in the production.

As a medium-size company, HIT OFFICE is not yet bound by the obligation of ESG information and certification. However, they have registered in the voluntary assessment of companies under the ESG standard and they are curious about the results and their position among other businesses.

We are proud to be a partner to a company for which, like Raben, an ecological approach and sustainability are essential,” says Marián Budzel, the Sales & Customer Relations Director CZ/SK at Raben Logistics Czech.

Unusual Use of Waste – A Creative Kit

HIT OFFICE has uncovered a remarkable way to repurpose its waste, resulting in the creation of an inspiring "Creative Kit" for schools and kindergartens. Marek Šnajdr, the Marketing Manager of HIT OFFICE, describes the kit's purpose: "It promotes fantasy and nurtures creativity, providing children with the joy of crafting something beautiful while enhancing their fine motor skills through activities like folding, cutting, gluing, squeezing, tearing, drawing, and more. The Creative Kit serves as a delightful source of fun and relaxation."

The Best Managed Czech Company

In 2023, HIT OFFICE defended its title of the Best Managed Company in the Czech Republic for a third time. Organized by Deloitte, this prestigious award celebrates excellence in management among leading private businesses. An esteemed panel of independent experts evaluates each awarded company based on four pivotal pillars: corporate strategy, management and financial performance, productivity and innovation, and corporate culture.

Recognized for their commitment to innovation, HIT OFFICE has also received accolades for groundbreaking initiatives, including the pioneering introduction of 100% plastic-free paper cups that are compostable.

A Visionary Road Ahead

As HIT OFFICE reaches new heights, they are completing the energy-efficient reconstruction of their Proboštov production hall. Outfitted with five fully automated production lines for paper trays, plates, and bowls, the hall incorporates a heat pump. The company envisions a future rooftop photovoltaic power plant to further bolster their eco-friendly operations. Additionally, gradual machine upgrades for archiving and office supplies production are in the works, while new segments dedicated to paper production are under consideration.

For Raben Group sustainability is deeply rooted in the DNA and treated as a fundamental responsibility. The company is committed to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices across the organisation and the entire value chain. This year the company received a silver award in the EcoVadis 2023 rating - the world's most trusted corporate sustainability ratings. Thus, Raben is among the 25% of companies in the world that best integrate non-financial (ESG) factors in their strategies and operations.

In a powerful alliance driven by a mutual dedication to corporate responsibility, Hit Office and Raben Group joined forces are indisputably a great base for a promising collaboration. Both organizations firmly believe that sustainable business practices and community engagement are not just ethical imperatives but also essential pillars for long-term success.

*) FSC® - Certification system for forest management and chain of custody


Jitka Kocálová

Marketing and PR Manager CZ/SK

Raben Logistics Czech